"We believe the Nonprofits, who are solving our toughest problems, deserve the best talent"

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Skillful professionals and incredible organizations come together at Wethos to not only get work done at a fair rate, but also to pursue work that provides meaning and value to their lives and to the greater good of our world. 

Our Diverse Community


Our Top 3 causes


Wethos organizations are also involved in Women’s Rights, Animal Rehabilitation, LGBTQ+, Disaster Relief, and more. To see our full list of causes, head to our Help Center.


Our Team

  Photo by Keith Fung (    @lookingglassvisuals_    )

Photo by Keith Fung ( @lookingglassvisuals_ )

Wethos was founded by three ex-advertising execs who had spent time freelancing on the side for nonprofits and noticed their massive need for resources in 2016. Based in NYC, Rachel, Kristen & Claire took the company from the three of them in coffee shops working side jobs just to get by, to a mini but mighty team of ten in the Lower East Side of New York. While growing Wethos, the founders remain activists in many areas they’re passionate about including diversity & inclusion, human & civil rights, women’s rights & sexual harassment and more.
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Rachel Renock , Claire Humphreys , Kristen Ablamsky